December 3, 2013

My Christmas Mantle

As I'm sure you've gathered from previous posts, my mantle and hearth are one of my favorite spots in my home to decorate. After pulling the trigger on the blush pink wall back in the spring, I find it to be such a cheery focal point in my townhouse. For Christmas, I wanted something unique and bright and fun. If I could leave those pearl lights up year-round you better believe I would! I believe that blending holiday decorations in with your current pieces is always the way to go as opposed to completely redecorating. I kept my framed prints, vases, and stacks of magazines in the mix and simply added festive touches. As requested on instagram, I'll be sharing two DIY posts soon with details on my banner and pink and green topiaries. Until then, I hope you're inspired to think outside the box with your holiday decorations!



Carroll said...

I love your mantle -- the lights, the garland, the topiaries -- everything is perfection. So glad you will be posting some DIYS!!

Lili said...

so lovely and preppy! so julie!

Tiffany Style Blog said...

You are so good! Can you come decorate my mantle? It is currently a mash up of random holiday items that I haven't properly placed yet. lol :) I am running behind! Love this inspiration!!! xo

Isa Machado said...

Lovely! ;)

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Melissa | The Atelier said...

So fun and festive! :)

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