November 13, 2013

Currently Crushing: Scents for Fall

Fall Fragrances

I have a couple of scents that I always have on my vanity - scents that I love year-round. However, some I prefer only when the temperatures start to drop and the layers start piling on. Some scents are just meant for this cozy time of year. The scents above are a few of my favorites - some I've personally tried and the others are topping my wish list. A few fun facts about some of my picks - Live in Love and Coco Mademoiselle were both gifts from my dad the last two Christmases, Michael Kors is the scent I took on my last trip to New Orleans and it will always remind me of being there, and Michelle and I tested the Tom Ford scent at Bergdorfs back in February and both instantly fell in love (so out of my price range but so dang good). There's nothing I love more than linking scents to wonderful memories and trips. What scents are currently topping your wish list?

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lauren @ la petite fashionista said...

I have a thing with scents.. i totally associate them with certain periods of my life. So i never use the same one for more than year. looking for a scent for 2014 though! this year was bobbi brown's beach!