October 24, 2013

Print Mix: Camo & Leopard


I know it may not be for everyone, and there was a time when I never would have thought camo could be chic, but as you know from previous posts, I'm hooked. I don't own a lot and I wear it in moderation, but there's something tough that I like about it. Granted, it ends up with a girly twist when I'm done with it, but it's unexpected for me and a little out of my comfort zone. I came home from work on Tuesday and after taking care of Millie, I had to rush back out to meet my parents for dinner. I wore the outfit above to work without the jacket but decided for the evening air that I should throw on something light-weight. Behold my latest print-mix obsession. . .

Leopard/Camo 1

Leopard/Camo 2
Pants  // Heels
(These are mens pants, but I love the cut and think of them as boyfriend style)

Leopard/Camo 3


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Jessica @ Here&Now said...

camo + leopard, yes please! I love how these patterns are so glam when paired together!

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