October 7, 2013

Pink Fall Mantle

When I started thinking about my indoor fall decorations this year, I knew that I wanted something that worked seamlessly with my freshly painted pink wall. I wanted the decorations to feel festive and seasonal but not take away from the everyday pieces that I already had in place. I'm a firm believer in making your holiday pieces blend with what you already have. I knew I would never find pink pumpkin topiaries so with a little creativity and inspiration from these photos, I decided to make my own.

On the same day that I was browsing Wal-Mart for artificial pumpkins for my topiaries, I saw a roll of burlap in their fabric section and the idea for my fall, monogram banner was born. They had tons of rolls of ribbon on sale for $1, too, so I stocked up and have used it on every craft project I've done in the last month. Hope you enjoy a peek at my simple, but festive, mantle - I just love the orange and pink together! I also used some left over burlap to create a banner for my office at work!



Alyssa said...

Stop. This is so cute! Those pink pumpkins are so perfect for this whole thing!

Unknown said...

Those pumpkin topiaries are adorable! My husband probably wouldn't approve of the pink (I'm so jealous of your pink wall!) but I might give them a try in white!!



Arielle said...

love it! it looks great!

Kristen said...

So cute! I love using unexpected holiday colors.

Unknown said...

i adore this :)

Unknown said...

Love the look!