September 25, 2013

Currently Crushing: OscarPRGirl's Southampton Home

(Images via Elle Decor)

With someone who exudes glamour like Erika Bearman, I would expect her home to be nothing less than perfect. I came across the Elle Decor feature on Caitlin's blog and was curious for more. Erika's Southampton retreat is breathtaking - loads of color, intricate details, and an inviting atmosphere. I can't stop staring at the garden photo, in particular - polka table cloth, Oscar de la Renta tableware, pink blooms! Miles Redd created a bright, beautiful space that "exemplifies carefree glamour." Browse all the photos here! Prepare yourself, they're drool-worthy!


Anonymous said...

Did you die when you saw this house?! I literally sat with my jaw on my desk as I slowly examined each photo. Then went back again for more. I really just want to move in. Preferably in that madras maxi.

Katie said...

OHMYGOSHHHHHH how did I miss this?! My obsession with Oscar PR Girl has me obsessively checking in on her on the reg so I'm so happy I caught this! She is everything.