August 29, 2013

New York & Paris

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I've recently rekindled my love of pinterest. To clarify, I never stopped loving it, I just wasn't making time to update my boards and use it as a source of inspiration. Over the last couple of weeks, though, I've gone on several pinning sprees - one of which included creating two new boards dedicated to New York and Paris. I realized I was accumulating lots of images dedicated to these two cities - so why not give them their own place? I feel like these are two destinations that many of us hold near and dear, whether we've traveled there or not. From experience, I know that I love New York. Paris, however, is nothing more than the pretty picture I've painted in my mind. Clearly, my wanderlust is in overdrive. . .

What are some of your "dedicated" pin boards? Leave the links, I love finding new sources of inspiration!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I've recently rekindled my love for Pinterest as well. Seems like food, more like desserts, have been on my mind lately. Check out my drool worthy recipes to try board. I haven't tried any of them yet, but don't they look amazing?

Rebecca and Lori said...

Beautiful pins! I've never been to New York (it's definitely on my list), but I have been to Paris once. Gorgeous!

Ivana said...

Oh, my Pinterest is full of dedicated boards! Of course, I'm partial to Paris, since I used to live there, but I love New York, too (and I'm itching to go back). Another board that gets a lot of love is all about macarons (no surprise there, either :) I'm definitely pinning all these images!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

tanjatiziana said...

The 2nd photo is mine.
Glad you like it.