June 28, 2013

Weekend Wishes

 (Images from Ann Street Studio)

Let me start by saying that we all need to devote time to unplugging and stepping away from our devices every now and then. But when you're not prepared for an "unplugged" moment, it can be a little frustrating. Long story short, my computer died yesterday, hence, no new post until now. Turns out my adapter had gone bad and just needed to be replaced. Regardless, there's nothing more frustrating than thinking you're going to have to spend an unexpected (large) sum of money. Thankfully the folks at Best Buy were able to save the day. It's moments like this when I see just how dependent I am on being "connected" and plugged in. I'm definitely going to try to step away from my computer a little more and...I don't know...smell the roses or something :)

Just a few things from this week that I want to share with you all as we head into the weekend:

I am beyond obsessed with these images that Jamie shared from the Ann Street Studio archives this week. They scream summer!

Everyone needs to try the new Benefit 15 Hour Primer! Ah-maze. Like, Zumba-approved amazing!

My friends Krystal and Ashlyn featured me on their beautiful blogs this week. Thanks, ladies!

Mirabella sent me some makeup to test and share here on the blog. Until the official review, check out their amazing mineral highlighter - love.love.love.

Don't forget to enter my Vieta giveaway!


I'm so excited to be spending the weekend with one of my friends from college and celebrating a sweet baby baptism on Sunday. It's sure to be a great couple of days!

Happy weekend!


Unknown said...

Love your blog! Come share some posts on our social network - thesouthernc.com. Great spot for southern bloggers to mix & mingle on our virtual front porch!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad it wasn't worse. I had my computer crash and I lost everything. I cried for about 24 hours. Haha. Fortunately my boyfriend works in IT and he set up a server at home so everything is saved there. Hopefully we (and you!) never have to deal with the heartache and frustration of losing data!

Peplums & Pie said...

Oh my gosh! No joke, the same thing happened to me about a month ago. It's really hard posting from an ipad. Haha.

Love the images! Happy to hear you got everything fixed!

A Redesigned Love

Unknown said...

Happy weekend to you Julie! I am hoping to spend most of it enjoying the pleasures of summer!

xo Mary Jo

Law & Luxury said...

I completely understand being too connected! Lately I've been taking some time to just relax and read, cook, or sit outside and it's been amazing!

Great post!

lauren @ la petite fashionista said...

i feel you! it's one thing if you're anticipating giving connectivity a break- another if it happens unexpectedly!