May 15, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Dresser Clutter

As hard as I try my dresser is a catch-all. I have specific drawers, bowls, baskets, etc. for everything in the photos above and somehow it all still ends up scattered across my dresser. Over the weekend, I decided not to fight it anymore and just snap some photos of the things that are currently cluttered atop my dresser. After going through the photos I realized there are messes that could be much less pleasing to the eye than the nail polishes, pretty ribbons, sequins, and boxes that I've been stressing over for the past week or so. I suppose I'm learning a lesson in living in the moment. Even a few months ago these pieces would've never stayed out more than a couple days. But lately I've been inspired and compelled to focus my attention on more valuable things (and people). Let your space be lived in and look lived in. I truly believe that makes for a happy home.



Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Oh gosh I sturggle with this all the time....I'm always trying to declutter....the coffee table in the TV room, my desk and my dresser as well! Our messes here with husband and girl are not as pretty as yours! so I can't just let them be.

Alyssa said...

Dying over that orange Essie shade!

Kristen said...

I am the exact same way! At least its a lot of pretty clutter. Embrace the pretty.

Anonymous said...

That is not clutter..that's perfection!! My clutter is like old receipts, one earring, and magazines EVERYWHERE. But I'm the same way...I try and organize and things just get cluttered in minutes! xo

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