April 4, 2013

How To: Shop for Diamonds

You know that expression "diamonds are a girl's best friend?" While I'm not sure that's completely accurate, I do believe that they can be a girl's great companion. Fashion and high-end costume jewelry are all the rage right now. Our favorite magazines, blogs, and fashion websites share their favorite "picks" on any given day. Sometimes, though, you need a statement piece that's classic and will always be a go-to in your jewelry box. 

Because I've always considered shopping for diamonds a bit intimidating, I've partnered with Anjolee Jewelry to bring you five tips when choosing the perfect stone. Whether it be a wedding set, classic stud earrings, or sparkling bracelet these tips are sure to help you sort through the options and enjoy the experience.

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1. Choose a reputable jeweler. When making a significant jewelry purchase it's important that you choose a company that you can trust. Make sure they:

- Are A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited
- Offer a no-hassle money back guarantee
- Provide certificates on diamonds from reputable sources
- Are an established business
- Have excellent service ratings

2. Know the 4 Cs.
- Color: This refers to the absence of color. The clearer the diamond the higher the quality.
- Clarity: This refers to imperfections in the stone - most can't be seen with the naked eye. However, if you do see imperfections just by looking at the stone, you should pass.
- Carat weight: This refers to the weight of the diamond - the larger the diamond, the more rare it is, therefore, the value increases.
- Cut: This isn't just the shape of the diamond, but the proportion. A stone that is cut too deep or too shallow will have a negative impact on the brilliance of the stone.

3. Select a shape. Round is the most popular, but there are plenty of shapes to choose from - my favorite is a cushion cut! View the options here.

4. Know your budget. Have a specific budget in mind. Sure, you can be flexible once you start your search but a budget gives you a place to start.

5. Ask questions. Make sure you get clarification on any questions you have. Purchasing diamond jewelry is a wonderful investment and you want to insure that you understand all the details of the piece you choose. A reputable jeweler will be willing and able to handle all those details.

You can find a few of my favorite pieces from Anjolee here, here, and here. So stunning!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this partnership with Anjolee. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Kristen said...

I had sooooo much fun searching for the perfect diamond before I got engaged. We studied up on all the C's, found the shape and size I liked. And getting to see and compare all the lose diamonds?! So fun. Wish I could do it more often ;)

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

I spent a year as a diamond buyer and I recommend AA or AAA clarity. It really makes a difference in my opinion.