March 5, 2013

Life Lately: Wishing for Spring

Row 1: Prabal+Target blouse // New J. Crew bauble // Black & white
Row 2: Loving brights // Black & white (again) // The Plaza bear
Row 3: Pastels for spring // New Dorothy shoes // Pink & green

Row 1: Italian for lunch // Lilly dressing room // Spring tablescape
Row 2: Modern Holly Golightly living room // The perfect earrings // New Lilly skirt
Row 3: Wizard of Oz garden // Shopping // Breakfast at Tiffany's tablescape

I haven't shared a life lately round-up in a while. As I was scrolling through my instagram, I realized there were some things I wanted to share on the blog, as well, since not all of you have an IG account. I have been wishing so hard for spring lately (but at the same time secretly wishing for a snow day). Am I the only one who does that? I can't decide if I'm ready to let go of winter just yet. . .One thing I can definitely confirm, though - my wardrobe is ready for the seasonal transition. For the last week, I've been pulling clothes from the spring/summer side of my closet and just throwing on tights and/or a sweater with it.

This past weekend my mom and I headed down to Charlotte for the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show. We've been going for years, and it's the perfect weekend trip to really give you spring fever. Above are a few snaps from the show - including a Wizard of Oz garden and Breakfast at Tiffany's tablescape. Of course, there was shopping, too - a few Lilly finds and J. Crew baubles.

Curious about what I'm up to? You can follow along here!

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start, friends! Don't forget to enter my latest giveaway!



Sadie + Stella said...

I must say, you are rocking that Prabal Target piece. You look oh so fab. Love all of your other colorful bits!

glitterfancy said...

I love your sweet heart bracelet!

I'm the same way with the winter/spring transition. I LOVE to spend a cozy day snowed it, wrapped in a big sweater drinking tea...oh, but I long for the brightness of spring, too!

Alyssa said...

So many pretty things to look at!! Love those J. Crew earrings you snagged!

The Glossy Life

Unknown said...

So many pretty, shiny things! I've been hoping/praying/crossing fingers for a snow day and yet loving (yesterday's) warm weather. If the Tennessee weather would make up its mind, that'd be great.

Of course, VA is about to get a ton of snow, a month before I move back. There's my snow day.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Your Dorothy shoes are are the stuff dreams are made of lady!

Unknown said...

I am dreaming of spring as well and loving these items you chose! Super cute!


Anonymous said...

Oooh what a pretty post. And it was 85 in Dallas yesterday and felt like's cold again today though. Dallas weather is so crazy! xoox

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love how you capture so much of your life...and you lead a sparkling one at that! No better way to spend everyday :) I love your J.Crew earrings....and that table setting! Divine! Loving your yellow trench too!

Unknown said...

I love all of these little snippets! Those J.Crew earrings are gorgeous and I love your bright yellow outfit-perfect for spring!!

navy and orange said...

LOVE your daily outfits. try to not 'like' every since one!

xoxo navy & orange