March 27, 2013

Currently Crushing: White Heels

Currently Crushing: White Heeles

(All from ASOS 1 // 2 // 3)

I bought a pair of white heels a few years ago and have worn them maybe three times. Maybe. So when white heels started popping up on every fashion site and blog (Leandra is a huge proponent of white) as the shoe for spring and summer, I was delighted. No, they aren't going to be my everyday run-around-town shoes, but they are going to get some wear. Finally.

How are you feeling about this trend? Will you be jumping on board?!



Amber said...

I love the cardigan and white blouse in the instgram photo...please give the source if still available. I love that outfit.

Amber said...

Love your style!!! I would love to know the source of the teal leopard cardi and the white blouse in your instagram photo

Unknown said...

Hi, Amber!

I'm sorry but both of those pieces are old and not available anymore :( The cardigan came from Belk and the blouse from TJ Maxx.

Alyssa said...

Those ASOS heels are adorable. Love 'em!

Tiffany Style Blog said...

Yes, Yes, and YES! I am dying over this look - it just seems so fresh and spring like! I am loving these Asos options, I had not seen them! Thanks Julie!

Anonymous said...

OK these look just like Alexander Wang and Celine!! Oh how I love Asos. I am so excited about trying this trend! xoxo

P.S. GIVEAWAY ALERT: GOLD AND GRAY tassel bracelets GIVEAWAY ends at midnight!

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

I think I'll get some white espadrilles to try the trend since white heels aren't really my style.

E said...

ooo, I'll take the top row please!

Morgan Neal said...

Just picked up some adorable white studed sandals with quite a heel. Can't wait to wear them!