February 1, 2013

Weekend Wishes: Last Minute Plans

 (Image: Old Kate Spade ad)

The countdown to NYC/DC is on. I mean seriously on. I'm working on about three to-do lists, one of which was nearly completed today at work. You know those few days just before a big trip when you're rushing around, picking up last minute items (like this burgundy fur from Target), and checking and double checking everything as if you're not returning for a month?! That's where I am, folks.

I'm going to be spending the weekend cleaning, doing laundry, lining up blog posts for next week, trying on outfits, packing those outfits, and throwing a little Super Bowl party into the mix! I've actually taken to calling it my "Beyonce Halftime Show" party - which I'm hosting in my Saints tee shirt.

So, here's to a fun (but busy!) weekend ahead. Come back Monday for a fabulous giveaway from a new sponsor!


Mostly Lisa said...

That fur from Target is so you! I hope you have a great weekend and get everything done before you leave for New York. So exciting! :D

Mostly Lisa

Gabby {Magic City} said...

Love the fur from target! Perfect color!

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous in that fur Julie - and you have such pretty hair!! Yes, I know that's such a girly thing to say, but it's true!!

Sounds like a great week-end, have fun & happy packing!! XX

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

Your fur is gorgeous + I love the colour! Your superbowl party sounds fun; enjoy your weekend xx