February 12, 2013

OscarPRGirl Gets Coveteur'd

(All images via The Coveteur)

In honor of the Oscar de la Renta fall collection being shown today I thought it was perfect timing to draw attention to the latest amazing feature on The Coveteur. Erika Bearman, aka OscarPRGirl, is letting us inside her very glamorous world, and I couldn't be loving it more. In the interview, Bearman confesses her love for the 90s, crop tops, wearing heels with sweats, and bleached out hair. Couture gowns by the rack, fancy shoes lined up on several shelves, a Jay-Z print hanging prominently on her wall - yea, this lady is just incredibly cool. Like rock-and-roll cool. Click over and have a look for yourself.



Rebecca and Lori said...

Wow- can you imagine being surrounded by all that all the time?! Amazing!

Pink Champagne said...

OBSESSED. The end.