November 20, 2012

How To: Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is common for so many of us. Whether you're heading just down the street or across the country, traveling during the holidays can be a fun, but sometimes daunting, task. As with anything else in my life I'm a planner, a list maker, an organizer - I'm either your worst nightmare or best friend when it comes to packing your bags for a trip. I've mastered the art of packing, loading a car, and planning out a trip (whether driving or flying) so my family doesn't have our own Home Alone moment. I thought it perfectly fitting to share my top travel tips for staying cool, calm, and collected during one of the most hectic times of the year.


1. Have a plan. It seems so simple yet the execution of a "plan" is sometimes lost in translation, especially when dealing with a large group. If in order to get up and get there on time means you write out your plan down to the hour, then do it. No shame and no judgement from me :)

2. Make a list. This is not the time you want to forget something. I make a packing list for every trip, but these are definitely handy for holiday trips. Emotions are usually high and stress levels tend to cloud your brain. Your list will be your saving grace.

3. Think about shipping. How are those gifts making it to grandma's? If you're traveling by car this isn't as big a deal, but for those who are flying this is definitely something to think about. The earlier this piece is sorted out, the better - we all know how unpredictable shipping is during the holidays!

4. Entertain your children. Now, I don't throw this one in because I have tons of experience, but I do work with kids every day. Pack a "kid bag" full of handheld games, coloring books/crayons, card games, picture books, iPad, DVDs, and anything else you need to keep your kiddos whine-free!

5. Entertain yourself. In the midst of packing all the necessities, we can forget how boring a long car ride or airport layover can be for adults, too. Pack some grown up entertainment essentials, as well - magazines, books, your e-reader, iPad, iPod, and anything else to keep you whine-free ;)

6. Most commonly forgotten items. Here's a quick list of items to double-check for when heading out and heading back home: chargers, camera, cash, umbrella, contact information, medicines/vitamins, basic toiletries, small first aid kit. Also, call your bank and credit card companies and have them put a flag on your accounts that you're traveling. Suspicious account activity (i.e. - using your card in new locations) causes companies to immediately freeze your accounts for fear your card has been stolen. There's nothing more frustrating.

What are some holiday travel necessities your family has on their list?


Thank you to the wonderful folks at the Kia Social Club for reaching out to me and for sponsoring this holiday travel post!


Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

I am a huge list maker when it comes to traveling! If I don't write something down when I think of it, I'll probably forget it!

Alyssa said...

I'm actually lucky enough to not have to travel much during the holidays. I feel like it would be a nightmare. However, I'm definitely keeping your tips in my for when I have the bite the bullet and travel!

The Glossy Life

Ivana said...

Julie, this is such a great list! I'm not planning to travel this holiday season, but this guide will surely come very handy in the future. I can see that you are a pro!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Anonymous said...

This is great. I love a Home Alone reference!! Luckily we don't travel very far for the holidays. Have a great holiday, lady!