November 29, 2012

For Your Pup: Mungo & Maud

 (Images: Mungo & Maud)

I love adorable pet products and am constantly on the search for cute things for Millie. Sometimes, however, it's difficult to find good quality, long-lasting puppy pieces. That is until I discovered Mungo & Maud. I'm fine with buying everyday items at Target or Petsmart, but if you're looking for luxury pet products this is the place to shop! It's ok to spoil our fur babies every now and then, right?!


For Your Pup: Mungo & Maud
1. Clothing // 2. Grooming // 3. Bowls // 4. Treats // 5. Toys // 6. Beds



Anonymous said...

My little guy is in desperate need of a bed. I'll check that site out. Funny thing is, Logan and I went to Nantucket and I bought him the cutest velvet Christmas sweater. I couldn't quite velcro it around his chubby little belly - too much holiday turkey! xo

Alyssa said...

Ugh, I wish I had a puppy. I would buy it so many cute things!

The Glossy Life

Candin said...

These are great suggestions! My furbabies definitely need some attention this christmas!

Maria said...

SOO cute- I want to put my little pooch in that sweater!