November 1, 2012


Aren't these the most beautiful images of two lovers you've ever seen? And in Paris of all places! These were taken of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg on a recent trip to the city of lights by their friend Kelly Framel of The Glamourai. They are so beautifully in love it just filled me with hope and happiness to look at their photos. If this doesn't soften your heart and speak to the hopeless romantic inside us all, then I'm convinced nothing will.


Unknown said...

Oh Julie, something about what you wrote brought a tear to my eye...seriously. These are gorgeous photos, it couldn't be anywhere else but Paris could it? What a beautiful couple.

If you ever come to Paris, I shall hop on the train & come over from London & meet you for lunch & then macarons!!

There is always hope & happiness....XX

barefoot duchess said...

Love that couple!