October 6, 2012

Weekend Wishes

(Images: Averie Cooks)

It's going to be a somewhat rainy, dreary weekend here. I have a long list of errands to run today and a wedding tomorrow- hopefully having Monday off will make me feel a little rested.

I forget where I came across that first image, but after tracking down the original source I found that it accompanied many other delicious images and an amazing recipe for homemade butter mints. If you grew up in the South like me, you know all about these. They were at every baby shower, bridal shower, and sometimes birthday parties - basically, anytime people were gathered to eat and open gifts, butter mints were there. I'm thinking making your own is the perfect weekend indulgence!

Happy weekend, friends!



Nav said...

I love mints and I love the colors of these!


Unknown said...

I love butter mints! Those photos are so cute too.

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