October 11, 2012

Pretty Packaging

Pretty Packaging: AERIN

Have you ever seen more beautiful packaging? I am in love with Aerin Lauder's new line of beauty products. Incredibly feminine and soft, perfectly muted tones for both weekdays and casual weekends. I can picture these beautiful pieces arranged on a vanity tray for an extra sweet display in a bathroom or dressing room. Visit Aerin's site to browse the collection above and also take a peek inside Aerin's very chic world. Oh la la.



Unknown said...

Very pretty & so feminine, I hadn't seen these before....thanks for sharing Julie! XX

Alyssa said...

These are so lovely! I think I'd probably just carry them around so I could look at how pretty they are.

The Glossy Life

chateaudelille said...

Just love beautifully presented products like these. had trouble finding on the internet though. Fiona