October 29, 2012

Fashionable Halloween Costumes

 (Images: Huffington Post)

With Halloween only days away, I couldn't resist sharing these brilliant fashion-inspired costumes. Aren't they fantastic?! Especially Iris Apfel (who I dream of being when I grow up) and Anna Dello Russo! I remember when I was younger always wanting the sparkliest, girliest costume my mom and I could find - think Minnie Mouse, 1920s flapper, Pink Lady, gypsy, and Princess Jasmine. I've put together a few pieces below to help you channel quite the glamour girl herself, Rachel Zoe - pretty spot-on if I do say so myself!
Rachel Zoe (Halloween Inspiration)

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Brooke said...

That is a great Rachel Zoe!



Lili said...

itll be fun to ADR for a day!

Anonymous said...

That hat is spot on Rachel Zoe! Too cute! Have a great Monday!!

Unknown said...

I had a good laugh this morning when I saw these! What a great Anna della Russo! So much fun!
Thanks for sharing these Julie.

Mostly Style said...

I love all of these! HAha... My favorite is Tom Ford! I love your take on Rachel Zoe... But I'm pretty sure I would wear this in my regular life too... Haha! Happy Monday!

XO Lucy

Meredith said...

What a clever post!