September 26, 2012

Currently Crushing: #ArtoftheDot

(Dress from TOPSHOP)

It seems that polka dots are everywhere right now. Kate Spade has even declared them their "pattern of the month," launching a genius #artofthedot campaign that encourages followers to find and share spots and dots wherever they find them! I came across this adorable drop waist, polka dot dress last night while browsing. As if the pattern and ruffly hem wasn't enough, turn that dress around and you have a flattering deep-v detail.

Are you currently crushing on polka dots as much as I am?



Alyssa said...

How sweet is this dress?! I love the drop waist and low feels very 20's!

The Glossy Life

Anonymous said...

Aghghg The back just convinced me that I need this!! So freaking cute. I LOVE drop waist dresses so so much! xo

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm crushing too!! I actually uploaded a picture of the pink and blue monogram applique onesies I am selling at my boutique and it showed up on Kate Spade's website!! Kate Spade is my favorite designer, so being able to send in photos is a lot of fun.

Margarita Bloom said...

So SWEET! I love polka dots!! Happy Wednesday Julie!