August 2, 2012

Paint it Patriotic

(Image via Teen VOGUE)

I'm in full-on Olympics overdrive and since I'm also a nail polish fiend I thought "why not bring some Olympic spirit to your fingers, too?" The women of the Olympics have been making the news not only for their amazing skills but also their...nail art?! Yep, style is everywhere! I rounded up some red, white, and blue options from one of my favorite brands.



Olympic Nails
Red // White // Blue



Unknown said...

Can you imagine how exciting it is here in London??!! I am glued to the TV & yesterday my daughter attended an event at the Olympic Park, the basketball, with her school...she had a fabulous time!!

I've noticed the US girls nails too, very cool!! Xx

I'maNolaGirl said...

I cannot turn off the Games!! We've been staying up so late to watch everything we taped!!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Totally with you on the Olympic spirit. I'm also thinking of painting my nails red, white and blue.
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