July 16, 2012

Social Media: 5 Ways to Make it Work for You

(Image via The Glitter Guide)

If you're a blogging veteran or just started writing a couple months ago, everyone needs reminders every now and then. I always appreciate when fellow bloggers share insight and expertise, so I figured I would do the same for you today concerning social media. I know, it can all be a lot to balance, especially if you're holding down a full-time job while trying to write a fantastic blog. While there are tons of tips and tricks, these five are my favorites.


(Image via The Glitter Guide)

1. Use the same user name everywhere.
Or as close as it can be. Unfortunately, when I got on instagram my plain 'ole julieleah was taken, so I had to opt for _julieleah_, but people still know it's me. If you're using different names in all your social media outlets it's difficult for followers to keep up with you. The goal is for them to instantly know who you are, not have to dig around or click through pictures to figure it out. Be consistent, it will pay off.

2. Utilize pinterest and tumblr.
I think most of us are on one or the other - or both! And if you aren't, you should be! When I say "utilize" I don't just mean reblogging or repinning images you like from other accounts, I'm talking about spreading the word about your own images and blog. Pin and tumbl the images you use in your blog posts, linking back to the posts. You will be surprised the traffic you'll get.

3. Tweet about new posts several times a day.
Sometimes I forget, but the whole world doesn't operate on eastern standard time. When you put out that tweet at 9:00 am about your new post, many of your readers aren't even out of bed yet! Tweet about your new post several times a day to make sure you hit your entire audience.

4. Instagram sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts.
This is especially valuable for fashion bloggers, but it applies to everyone. Sharing a DIY tomorrow? Post a picture of your materials. Sharing a recipe? Shoot out a picture of the finished meal. Keep your readers/followers excited and wanting more from you.

5. Engage with followers.
 I know, it seems so obvious, but I had to put it out there. Don't just write your posts every day and let them sit there. Sure people may comment at first but that won't continue if you don't engage. Don't just tweet about your blog either. Share other links, photos, and commentary that tell a story about who you are. If someone asks a question in a tweet or comment, respond with an answer. Social media is not one-sided, gang.


For other great tips about social media, blogging, and brand-building follow IFB. Their articles and features will give you so much insight and knowledge.



Daily Cup of Couture said...

fabulous tips!! xx

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

You are simply tip top! I adore your style and swank...there are few true gems out there in bloggy land...but Julie you are a true diamond! And just as Marilyn sang, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Kate said...

These are awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Sara said...

Great advice! Thanks for sharing. Like you said, it's always nice to have a reminder from time to time.
Have a great week!

Natasha said...

fantastic reminders we can all learn to master my friend...thanks for putting this together! i am HORRIBLE about the twitter blog teasers as well

Jess // Curating Style said...

Great advice, Julie! I keep my Twitter handle as my name—mostly because I also tweet for work too—but I do love the consistency. I've thought about changing it too.

Jess // Curating Style

Stephanie said...

Lovely tips :)

You actually advised me of the first one a while back and that's how i ended up changing my Tumblr username

The others are still a work in progress but i definitely need to start incorporating all my blogs more :)

xo Stephanie

Margarita Bloom said...

Great tips Julie! *wink* Happy Monday!

Jenn @ Party of One said...

Great advice! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it with us! I hadn't thought about tweeting a blog post more than once a day...that makes sense though! I'm still a blogging newbie so I appreciate all of the insight I can get :)

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

GREAT advice, Julie!! Thanks for posting this. :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love and need reminders and refreshers. It's so easy to fall into a rut in every aspect of life, including blogging and social media!

Great suggestions, JL! I always post my daily blog to facebook, twitter...but only once. I especially loved the tip to do it a couple of times, b/c you're right, the whole world is not on EST!

I hope you're having a wonderful summer!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Amy said...

You must have read my mind!
I was once a blogger and I'm back in the game with a new blog and have been trying to get followers but it's just not happening!
I'm looking forward to putting these tips in action!

Come check out what's going on over at


Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

Love your tips Julie! I'm useless with Twitter + really need to get better! xx

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Great tips! Thanks so much sharing them! Hopefully once I get back to civilization I'll be more active on twitter and perhaps join instagram ;)

Nicole said...

Great advice! What I like the most is that it is obvious that you follow your own advice; it makes everyone want to visit your site that much more! :)

Allison said...

Great tips!! Social media is SO important for blogging. Thanks for sharing!

barefoot duchess said...

thanks for the tips! really helpful =)

Southern Love/ City Lights said...

This is really great! As a new blogger, I appreciate all of the suggestions! Thanks again!



Lauren said...

Awesome suggestions and tips-thanks!

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

Great tips! I do utilize these... but could probably use them a bit more!!! With a crazy work day though its hard to be on my phone and non work related websites for a lengthy amount of time! Im still trying to juggle it all!!

Unknown said...

These are simple yet easy to miss tips. Thanks for making them plain. I am definitely sharing with others.


Unknown said...

Great post! Staying engaged via social media can be a task. However finding unique methods that are best for you can make it fun!

Anonymous said...

Love this post, thanks for the info!