June 12, 2012

You Need to Know: Caitlin from Style Within Reach

I don't remember how Caitlin and I found each other but the connection was immediate. Caitlin's blog, Style Within Reach, is a guide for those of us who love all the latest trends in fashion and beauty but don't want to break the bank to acquire those things. Her drugstore beauty and wish, want, need features are the perfect place to start! In addition to her blog, Caitlin contributes to Glitter Guide and co-founded Bloggers Night Out, an event company for bloggers by bloggers. Click on over and get to know her, she's truly a fantastic blogger and all-around sweet lady. Thank you so much Caitlin for participating in this series!

Enjoy her mini interview below!


1. Your style in three words:
Feminine, fun, put-together

2. Your favorite "little thing":
My late grandmother's gold charm bracelet which I wear almost every day.

3. I wish I could raid ________________'s closet:
Olivia Palermo

4. __________________ would play me in a movie:
  Oh goodness - I have NO idea!

5. Right now, I'm wishing for:
  A little white dress, stacked heel sandals, a summer tote, and a Saint James tee for my upcoming New England trip!

6. Best blogging advice:
Be consistent - from the amount you post, to the fonts and layouts you use in your posts. Utilize social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to provide content to your readers they can't view on your blog - give them a reason to follow you! Most importantly, only blog because you want to. When I'm having an uninspired week, or am super busy with my personal life I simply take a break and don't blog - I never want it to feel forced.


 Get to know Caitlin even better!

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Julye said...

she has a great blog ;) !!

Daily Cup of Couture said...

love this!!! thanks for sharing! xx