June 5, 2012

You Need to Know: Alyson from The Average Girl's Guide

Alyson Seligman, owner of her own PR/Digital Media company, is a little ball of spunk. Her blog, The Average Girl's Guide, encourages us to live our best life no matter who we are, what we do from 9 to 5, or where we call home. Alyson's idea of "we're all average girls" has inspired me from the first time I came across her blog - at the end of the day, we all seek the same things in life. Not only is she a businesswoman, but an awesome mommy to the cutest little red head. She does it all and does it very well.

Enjoy her mini interview below!


1. Your style in three words:
Chic, cozy, evolving

2. Your favorite "little thing":
My two-year old daughter? :) Otherwise, cute little pouches to keep the contents of my massive MK tote organized. One for lipsticks and glosses, one for coupons/gift cards, the list goes on! 

3. I wish I could raid ________________'s closet:
Tie: Olivia Palermo and Rachel Bilson

4. __________________ would play me in a movie:
Emma Stone. She's way younger but she can do the red hair and she seems fun and snarky like me!

5. Right now, I'm wishing for:
More time! And, a relaxing vacation.

6. Best blogging advice:
Be honest, be true to you and let your readers see the real you. It's what makes your blog relatable and what makes readers feel connected. And, don't let your blog become a burden. If you're too busy, take a break, get guest bloggers, post less frequently.

Get to know Alyson even better:

twitter // facebook // pinterest // instagram @avggirlsguide



Jess said...

Great interview! I always love seeing people who have made their own career path!

Hannah said...

This is great! In what program are you doing your image with her picture and info?

Alyson said...

You are the sweetest! This has been so fun to be part of and absolutely loved how you styled the post. It's now proudly included on my "Spotted" page. :)

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to hop over and check it out! Also, I love your new blog design! All the glitter is perfect. Happy Tuesday!

Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment