May 30, 2012

Currently Crushing

(Images via Anthropologie: 1, 2 & 3)

I'm a sucker for a big hat in the summertime, and the Almagest Floppy Hat from Anthropologie is the ultimate. Complete with stripes, a bow, and a retro shape, if people wouldn't point and stare I would wear it everywhere!


PS - Notice anything different around here? I've finally made the blog switch to simply Julie Leah: A life & style blog, and I love it. My blog designer Sarah Ann Rogers has truly outdone herself. Thank you, Sarah!

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Unknown said...

LOVE love love this's perfect isn't it!!

And I love your new blog name & design too, it looks & sounds wonderful....congratulations!!

I hope you are well lovely girl XX

Unknown said...

That hat is fantastic and what gorgeous colors :)

Stephanie said...

I wish i could wear a hat, i love to hide underneath one

Loveeeeee the new name and look of your blog. Kept trying to figure out who "julieleah" was on my tumblr until i saw your page here lol

xo Stephanie

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I love those hats! So cute for a day at the beach. :)
And I DO love the new blog design.
Have a beautiful day Julie!

Anonymous said...

I live on Santa Barbara beach so this type of hat is something I wear all year. I buy them at (hold your breath!) Kmart of all places and they are adorable for less then department stores or boutiques. I have so many they have their own hanger area where I keep them by the door easy to grab on the way out of my beach cottage. Love the look.

Ruth said...

I love the new design