January 18, 2012

Fashion Resolution: White Out

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White is a color that I don't utilize enough. It's crisp, clean, and can be just the touch that an outfit needs. Whenever I think 'white,' my mind immediately goes to the scenes in the SATC movie with Miss Bradshaw sporting that white Halston Heritage dress, with the sparkly gold Louboutins!



Is white a favorite fashion color of yours? Or are you like me and resolving to add more of it to your wardrobe?



Hannah said...

Other than white shirts, I don't wear it very much. I always see cute white dresses that I like when I am looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, which is a big no-no. Black and white together are so classic!


Anastasia Schembri said...

White is definitely a basic in my closet, so crisp and clean that it gives an edge to almost any outfit. I find it brightens my complexion almost immediately so I love to wear it near my face!

Natasha said...

there is nothing more classicly chic than white...it's one of my staple colors for sure, but there is always room to add--my fav are white jeans...a MUST!

Emily said...

I love white! I think it looks so chic and it's timeless. I love your photos!

Alleen said...

White is a staple color in my wardrobe for both summer and winter months! It just goes with everything and when I don't have the time to put an outfit together, a white shirt/sweater is always a safe bet.

Amanda English said...

Love the all white!

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