September 13, 2011

Fall Fashion, No. 1

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As we're all following along with the spring fashion shows in New York, fall trends are just starting to pop up in our favorite stores, magazines, and blogs. For me, fall is kind of a strange season- sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the right combination of layers to last through the day. Regardless of the frustrations we face, there's no denying that fall fashions truly are fun. For some reason, I always get far more excited about pulling out my sweater dresses, tights, and boots than the barely-there pieces for spring and summer. The next few weeks I'm going to be sharing curated lists of some of my favorite fall trends- just to get us all in the spirit! My first in the series features sparkling sequins, dainty details, and one of my favorite prints- polka dots!


 (Set via my polyvore)

1. Trend: Lace
2. Trend: Bold jewelry
3. Trend: Sequins
4. Trend: Essie Fall Collection
5. Trend: Scarves
6: Trend: Polka dots
7. Trend: Loafers





Oh I so agree with you, sweetie. It's so much more fun to pull out the fall clothes, isn't it? And I'm loving this look you've put together! xoxo

Unknown said...

I LOVE fall clothes- I'm infinitely cuter in fall than in summer just because of the outfits;) ADORE that clutch- loved the whole board!!

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Lace, Leopard and Sequins are so trendy this fall. I love what you have pulled together.

Lisa x

Mama Pea said...

My favorite is lace! Also I just got some Essie "Carry On" - very pretty color :)

Grace (The Stripe) said...

So excited for Fall shopping! I love all of your picks... they are fab. I'm all about leopard prints for Fall... and bright colors!

Heather said...

I am in love with the Essie fall collection! Great choices! XOXO

Daily Cup of Couture said...

I just ADORE dressing for Fall! For some reason it is just so much more fun than all the other seasons. Loving your look you put together! ... I am all about polka dots right now too!


Talking with Tami said...

Im still kicking and screaming for Summer to stay! I love the makeup for Fall though! xoxo