August 8, 2011

One Year. . .

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. . .and so many of us still miss our sweet Bumpkin as much as we did when we received the tragic news last August. I will never forget talking back and forth to Trish as we slowly lost Lisa one day at a time. It broke my heart.

One year later, even though our hearts still ache, it's comforting to know she's watching over her girls- all the girls who fell so in love with her wit, charm, and beautiful heart.

I've wondered a lot recently what she would say about my new romance. I can only imagine, and it makes me smile to think about it. Being very much in love with her Captain, she could have offered so many amazing words of wisdom, of that I am absolutely certain.


"She belongs among the wildflowers, she belongs somewhere she feels free."

-The Time Traveler's Wife

(Please go over to Trish's and read the beautiful post she wrote for our Bumpkin today)