May 6, 2011

Fashion Fridays: Novel Release Party!


Happy Friday, sweets!

I'm so excited to be closing out the week on such an exciting note!

As you've heard this week, Kori from Blonde Episodes has recently completed a huge project that is going to completely change her life! I'm happy to announce that her novel Murder on the Boulevard (how chic!) is being released today! Yay!

I simply couldn't be happier for her, and I know so many of you feel the same! Daphne and I are hosting the linkup today for all of you to spread the word about Kori's exciting news!

Just grab the button above and add it to your post today! I know Kori would just love for you to join us!

I imagine the lady below being a brunette version of Kori's main character, Bobbi, a gorgeous woman on the search for her prince charming, with a few surprises along the way! (And, of course, a little bubbly thrown in! This is a party, after all!)


(Images via Fashion Gone Rogue and Pinterest)


I'm just bursting with happiness for you, Kori! Many cheers to you, honey!

Everyone, link up below with your 'Congratulations!' posts for our dear girl and published author. Also you can purchase the Ebook version here, but we have to wait just a little while longer for the paperback ;)

(PS: You can also find me spreading some sunshine over at The Alternative Wife today. Please visit me there too!)


Happy weekend to each of you!



highheeledlife said...

Julie what a fabulous party you and Daphne are hosting.. I'm over the moon happy for Kori...xo HHL

Julie Leah said...

So excited about the linkups so far!!!! Keep the love coming, ladies! :)

Pink Champagne said...

It's a par-tay and I RSVP "yes, yes, yes!". So very excited for Kori - cheers to you, sweetie!

And those glamorous images and all that champagne... I'm positively giddy! XO

Unknown said...

What a fabulous way to show our support to Kori! Have a fabulous Friday. And I started reading the book yesterday - it's fabulous!

Kori said...

Thank you so much Julie honey! This is a gorgeous post!!! I love all these images you chose for today and am so honored that you all are helping me to promote my dream. Hugs and kisses to you my friend! Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

I'm sooo happy for Kori- just amazing! And what a fabulous post in her honour. Have a great weekend lovely!!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Kori!! Love and thanks for hosting such a fabulous celebration for one very special lady! xoxo

Muffy said...

Congrats to Kori!


Happy Friday, darlin! And thanks so much for the GORGEOUS guest post. You're the absolute best. Yay for Kori. That's so exciting. I'll definitely toast to that :)

Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! xoxo