March 23, 2011

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Pack Your Bags

(Image via dustjacket attic)


Greetings, darlings, and happy Wednesday!

I'm thrilled to be joining my sweet friend Daphne this week for {Semi} Wordless Wednesday. Any excuse to put together a beautiful compilation of photos, with a bit of chit-chat on the side, is a reason to celebrate in my book! Yesterday was the most lovely spring day in my little corner of Virginia- Millie was in heaven! At the school where I work, our spring break isn't coming until the end of April, so we still have some time for planning warm-weather getaways. However, I've got an aching to get out of town. The warm weather has me longing to pack up my bags and hit the road (or the sky)!


 (Images via 1, 2, 3)

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{Semi} Wordless Wednesday, loves!


While we're on the topic of travel, I'm guest posting at Julia's blog, Posh, today with my travel essentials (inspired by my recent Nola getaway). Please come visit!

Sending warm wishes and smiles your way today!

Bebel Gilberto: "Samba de Becao"


nomo wino daph said...

Hello Sweet Friend!

I love the images, I can so see us all sitting around that table drinking & laughing! Oh, at least we have the memory of NOLA! We need to be planning our next escape:)

Have a lovely day,
Love You-D

Hannah said...

Good morning, sweet girl! I am on Spring Break this week and wish I had gone on a fabulous getaway trip! But, since I am having wonderful weather I cannot complain. My yard is looking better and I'm about to head out for a nice day of shopping. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Katie said...

Hi Julie! I just discovered your blog through your guest post at Pawleys Island Posh and I absolutely love your style! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear we aren't the only ones not getting Spring break until the end of April! We will find ourselves in S. FL then, but until your pictures keep me wishing! Happy WW!

pittsburghprepster said...

These couldn't be any more perfect. I love the first shot...something I wish I could just add myself into!

Summer Athena said...

lovin' the 3 suitcases on top of one another!

meghan said...

Beautiful post. I love all of the pictures and pinned some for later use. I especially love the LV trunks. One day I'll own one and actually use it. I also love the little cartoon squares of different big cities. Great post!

I also loved your guest post. It's always nice to see other people's travel tips, and yours are great. I love having little bags to fit inside bigger bags so everything is really easy to find. Have a great Wednesday!

Amanda said...

oh i love the pink suitcase picture! i'm so excited for spring! hope you have a lovely day julie! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVING these photos!! Time for a trip! ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, girlfriend!

Unknown said...

Ah just lovely Julie- thanks for the little escape!

Val said...

Take Me Away!!

Dawn said...

I like the way you plan! =)

Those are gorgeous photos that took me away from reality for a short moment.

I'm hear from SWW. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. =)

Pink Champagne said...

I'm packing my bags and jet-setting away with you! (Oh, how I wish my bags included those Louis suitcases... gorgeous.) Snow is predicted for tonight up here again (ummmm... I thought it was Spring thankyouverymuch), so I could use some sunshine!
Sending hugs to you, sweetie-pie! XO


Oh I am so ready to go! Can I pack a bag and come along with you, sweetie? :) Off to visit you on over at Julia's xoxo

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Oh, I want to pack a bag and go somewhere beautiful for a week, preferably in the 2nd or 7th picture would be fine.

Happy Wednesday

Unknown said...

Love all these amazing photos!

Kori said...

Gorgeous photos honey! I love the bright colors. Have a great day doll!

Have you heard about my good news? Kori xoxo

It's A Love Story said...

What cute dresses~

Annemarie said...

Loving it all, sweet Julie! Miss ya gorgeous girl- hope all is going well!

Hugs xoxo,


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

can i join you?!?! those pics are great!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

You know, I'm just un-packing, and these picks have me longing to re-pack :)

Rain-drop said...

I LOVE the ruffly turquoise dress! And I would so wear the checkered dress with belt! lovely. thanks for the ideas!