February 4, 2011

Friday: What I'm Loving

(Images via pinterest)


Happy Friday, sweets! 

Thank you so much for your company this week and for the fantastic comments and love! I hope you've had as much fun as me- considering the tiring week I've had, Friday came not a moment too soon! Without further adieu, here are my favorites from this week!


The lovely Kate Spade blog that launched yesterday! There's more colorful inspiration bursting from this site than I know what to do with!


My and Trishy's pink and green switcheroo yesterday! She's my bloggy bestie, I love her to pieces and yesterday was a blast!


Finalizing plans on my return to New Orleans! Can't wait to get back and see my loves! Come on March, hurry up!!


Exciting things happening for my sweet Summer! Her blog is changing from B is for... to Athena in the Middle on Saturday. Pass the word, make the necessary changes to your readers!


(Photos taken by me edited with picnik)

Getting some happies in the mail yesterday! A birthday gift from my girl and my new Parisian Chic camera bag from my parents from the incredibly talented Janine King Designs.


 Finally, I'm loving these Lilly ads for their new spring collection. I should probably have saved them for Pink and Green Thursday, but I just couldn't wait!

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Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! Stay warm if it's cold and if you're lucky enough to live in or be traveling to warmer temperatures, enjoy! It's frigid here this morning with rain in the forecast. Wishing for a sunshiny weekend!

PS: Today is "wear red" for American Heart month, and I'm hosting a gorgeous red post over at A Professor's Wife! Head on over and visit with us!


Glee Cast: "Umbrella/Singing in the Rain"



Unknown said...

I love these wrap up Friday posts- so much goodness!! That bed is making me crazy- gorgeous!!! Happy weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

Love this post- so cheery for a long day ahead of me. I'll have to check out the Kate Spade blog, I can't believe I haven't yet!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Love these pictures!! So fun!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

That's for the color and sunshine Julie! I am on snow/ice day #4 in a row! Lordy, I want some SPRING somethin' fierce! Gotta get out today, and the SUN is shshshining even though it's freezin'! So with a pink and green sweater, turtleneck, coat (amazin' hot pink), scarf w/ pink leather gloves I at least can wear a HUGE pair of torty sunglasses by Gucci! Heading to Gigi's Cupcakes for some strawberry shortcake! That should Spring me up a bit!

Mrs. Kindergarten

Lou said...

What a lovely sunny post! It's a pleasure to look at and my goodness you are so right that Friday hasn't come a moment too soon! I needed it to be Friday when I woke this morning! Lou x


Oooh I didn't know about the Kate Spade blog!!! Can't wait to check it out!

Hope u have a fabulous weekend, honey! xoxoxo

Alleen said...

Lovin' that headboard! I can so see that in my bedroom. No idea about the Kate Spade blog, how fun, will have to check it out! Have a lovely weekend! xo

Carroll said...

Love that bed--so beautful! What fun birthday treats!! Happy Weekend! :)

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

LOVE your Parisian Chic camera case. Was the design a special commission? It's SO cute.
Have a lovely weekend too!

Pink Champagne said...

Just LOVE the Kate Spade and Lilly campaigns for Spring - could they be any more gorgeous?! And what a sweet present from a sweet lady! Happy weekend, doll!

Kori said...

Great post as usual friend!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and stay warm! Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

Oh what a fabulous post! I truly enjoy popping over to your blog. Thanks for adding enjoyment to my day. Cheers to a great weekend.