January 14, 2011

Weekend Wishes: Gypsy Dream

 (Images 1, 2, 3, 4)


Don't these gypsy, boho inspired images just make you giddy for spring? I know, it's a little early to be uttering those words, but I just couldn't resist! The snow has worn me down this week and I wanted to give you a little bit of sunshine for the weekend!

Thank you for a great week here on the blog, everyone, and welcome to the new friends who have stopped by and followed! Please don't be shy, leave a comment and introduce yourself!

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There are lots of exciting things coming up next week for you (and me!) to look forward to! On Monday I'm trading spaces with one of my favorite ladies, and she has a fantastic post lined up for you all! My Glamorous Gadabout debut is happening on Friday over at Poppy's and I'm literally beside myself! Oh, and did I mention that my blog revamp is possibly happening too?

Lovely little happy things all taking place during my...birthday week! Yes, we will be closing out the week with my birthday on Saturday! Yay!

Cheers to a fantastic weekend, loves! See you back here on Monday!


Glee Cast: "Dog Days are Over"


.:Chelsey:. said...

LOVE all the colors in this post!
Have an absolute fab weekend Julie!

Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT til spring!

Christy Ashley said...

I love this post! My spring style is totally boho and I can't wait to start wearing flowy dresses and flowery headbands and no shoes! I LOVE being barefoot! (Don't worry though, I do it in moderation!)

Happy Friday Julie!

Devan said...

So many pretty pictures in this post. Definitely brought some color to the dreary snow. :)

Splenderosa said...

Julie, Happy Birthday! I love this post, hair ornaments, floppy flower pins & belts and just great COLOR. xx's

Kori said...

You always find the most fabulous images! Have a great weekend and stay warm! Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

Happy almost birthday Julie!! Gorgeous colourful post and I can't wait to see next week's debuts! xi

Unknown said...

Oh happy early birthday Julie! Loving these rich bright colorful spring images! Making me long for warmer weather!

xo Mary Jo

Annemarie said...

Yay for your 'almost' bday! This images are perfection and gorgeous! Happy weekend sweet girl :) xoxo

Alleen said...

I love the outdoor setting...it looks so fun and peaceful! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jamie said...

I'm loving all these pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend!

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Happy Friday Julie Girly Girl!
Fab post! I am ready for spring too! Never too early to dream of it!
Can't wait to see your new blog design, how exciting!
Yay, your birthday is almost here!
Have a wonderful weekend!
love ya
gi gi

Southern Belle Mama said...

These inspire me for spring more than you know! After our snow/ice spell here in NC I'm ready for some warmth! Happy Friday! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could totally become a Gypsy... beautiful images! Happy early bday! So excited to be having you at Inspired Design on Monday!!! xo

erica said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Hannah said...

Oh my-your birthday is in a week!?!? Soooo fun, sweet girl! You are about to be the birthday girl all week long! Might as well make it your birthday month and celebrate it all month long, right?!? Can we run away and be gypsy girls together? These pictures make the life look glam!

Be sure to check out my "What Is This?" giveaway that I have going on right now.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Carroll said...

Love the photos, especially the outdoor table with the hanging birdcages! Happy Weekend! :)

C Mae said...

Don't know where you found it but that first picture is simply stunning!

*D* said...

love this! the colors and everything! hope you have a great weekend!

Mimi said...

all these photos are absolutely beautiful! have a great weekend!

<3, Mimi

POONGIE said...

beautiful gypsy dream :)


Anonymous said...

Such understated beauty and elegance...simply gorgeous!!!

Casey said...

I luv the photo of the jewellery stored in teacups and saucers! How fab! So much nicer to look at than plastic containers.
Lovely site :)

Eva said...

mm lovely photos, make me think of summer.

Thought I would take your advice and introduce myself! My bloggy is

Jessica said...

Looooove these pictures! I wish i could wake up in that bedroom everyday! Cute post love!

Kelly said...

Yay! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with friends and family (and of course, some fabulous fashion!)



Beautiful post, honey! Sounds like u have an oh so exciting week ahead!

Hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo

iammademoiselle said...

WOW!!! these pictures are stunning!!!<3

I'd love it if you could check out my blog sometime dear!! I hope you like it:)

Maybe we could follow each other if you like?



Miles Of Style said...

absolutely lovely curation of photos! i can't wait for spring now!

Marita Bliss said...

Oh my, what beautiful pictures ♥
Just found your blog, following!

T said...

LOVE these photos. The first pic is stunning!



Nuha said...

I love the head band in the first photo and the bird cages above the picnic table, so so cute!! Lovely pictures.