January 11, 2011

Street Style at Its Finest

 (Images via The Sartorialist)


(Image via)

Anyone who loves fashion, especially street style, knows the name Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist. His photographs of 'real' people have inspired fashion campaigns, blogs, models, and fashionistas for years. He has an eye for style and his opinion on the topic is held in the highest esteem. I simply can't get enough of his blog- with his captivating photos and simple commentary.


(All images from The Sartorialist)


(All images from The Sartorialist)


Scott posted this beautiful short documentary that was filmed recently in New York. It's so inspiring to hear the photographer talk about his work- utterly breathtaking. Take a few minutes and watch the mastermind at work.


 Not only is he incredibly talented, I find him quite charming, don't you?


Be inspired today, loves!



Anonymous said...

Love his blog and have found the best inspiration from it! So very cool. xo

Lou said...

Hello there - I agree he is charming and oh-so-talented! Although when I posted about him a while back I think someone commented that they did not find him charming atall! Oh well, his pictures are testament to themselves. Awesomeness on a page. He is what blogging is all about; this is my world, come and share it. Lou x

Unknown said...

His photos always take me away to a vision of another life...you know the one...you live in NY, wear exceedingly chic clothes and generally live a fabulously glamorous life. He's just so talented- loved this! xo

The Aly Way said...

This post is absolutely fantastic. I love the outfits. That white coat is gorgeous! Great blog!

~ thealyway.blogspot.com ~

Elle Sees said...

love his blog and saw that lil feature on him the other day. swoon!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Amazing style on the streets. Love The Sartorialist!

Hannah said...

Ohhh, yes, this is great! Such wonderful style..wish I had those outfits or could put them together. Hope you are having a great week, sweet girl!!


Ashley said...

Such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing!

Suburban Princess said...

I started carrying my camera with me all the time when I saw his blog. I keep hoping I will see amazingly dressed people in my day to day life....and then I will just ask them if I can take their pic for my blog :O) Of course they will say yes :O)

Unknown said...

Lovin all the shoes! Seriosuly fun:-)

Barbi said...

The first picture you posted is the one I used to convince a friend of mine that leopard heels could go with anything. She loved it and I frequently use Scott's pictures for inspiration. Thanks for the fun memory!

Stacey said...

He's an inspiration and i enjoyed reading the documentary feature on him!

Michelle said...

I LOVE the Sartorialist!

Miles Of Style said...

got to love the sartorialist! and im also completely enamoured with those shoes in the second image! thanks for sharing...and hope 2011 is treating you well dear bloggy friend :)

Anonymous said...

Love his blog!