August 12, 2010

It's Back to School for Me! a big day!

Hello, love bugs! I'm all over the place today! Enjoy!


You know, normally Thursday wouldn't be too exciting, it would just be the day before Friday, another step closer to the weekend. But today is a special Thursday because I start back to work today! That's right, summer vacation is over for BeB. I'm kinda sad, kinda happy, you know, mixed emotions.

I'm gonna miss these long days of lounging and relaxing, but at the same time I can't wait to get back to my office and start cleaning and organizing and getting ready for the kiddos to come back next week.

The bags are packed....

....and the notepads are ready for to-do lists!

The nails are painted...again.

(OPI's Nice Color, Eh)

I'm ready to roll! It's going to be a good day! Hopefully I can snap a few pictures of my office today once it's beautified.


Ok, let's rewind for just a minute. I snapped a few pictures on Sunday before church and wanted to share my outfit with you all. Sunday OOTDs have become one of my favorite little features. It's a few days late, but I know you don't mind.

You wanna know the best part about this pretty, flouncy green skirt? I've had it since high school! Yep, still fits. Boo ya. Made me feel goooood on Sunday when I slipped that little baby on.

Millie and me on Sunday morning.

Summer mentioned the other day that I needed to post some more pictures of Millie Muffin, that she hadn't seen her in a while. Well, here you go! New pics of my sweetie pie.


You know I love some fashion photos, so imagine my excitement when I found these gorgeous back-to-school-ish pictures of Georgia Jagger in the July issue of Vogue China. These are all the inspiration I need today!

(Photos here)

I'm obsessed with all the layering! She's so gorgeous!


I'm off to work, gang! Send me a little love, please? Sitting through back-to-school meetings is no fun!

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Have a beautiful day!



Laura said...

Love the Vera Bag and notepad!!! :) and your super cute outfit! Happy Back to school! can't believe how fast summer went.. it's crazy. Your little yorkie looks so cute too! <3 gotta love the yorkies. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

the skirt is adorable!!!! i love wearing stuff from highschool!!! so jealous you get to go to work! i can't wait to be done with school so I can start teaching!! hope you have a fabulous day!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Have a great day!!! I know you'll have your office organized and looking cute in no time! :)

Anonymous said...

You must be a great teacher! I bet the kids love you! xo

Jordan Cole said...

Back to school starts soon for me too! Cute outfit, and you are a girl after my own heart with always having your nails painted I am that way too. I am an OPI addict. Good luck this semester!

Brittany said...

I hope you have an awesome day back at work! I'm sure you'll have your office looking great in no time :) What is it that you do again? I know you work in the school system though. Your nails look great! I also love that you have Justin Beiber playing on your page today :)

Beth said...

you look so presh! have a good first day! and i love your little notepads...especially the owl!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Have a great day! The nail polish color is SOO delicious :) Your cute little furry friend is going to miss you now that you're heading back to work!

Staley Mc said...

Hope you have a great first day! Love these pics!

Cheryl said...

Happy back to school! Have a great first day!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

You and Millie together are too, too cute!
There are so many fun things on this post- love them all!
Summer is Such a Beautiful Bride- Oh My- her dress! Gorgeous!!!

Have a wonderful weekend,

mrs.mfc said...

Have a good day today!! Be sure to get a few pictures of your office for us today!! AND awesome that you can still wear that skirt from high school! YAY! Happy Thursday!

Mama Pea said...

I hope you have a fantastic school year Julie! :)

Jamie said...

Have a great first day girl!

Love all your notepads :)

You and Miss Millie are looking oh so cute!

the pink prep said...

happy back to school for you!
hope you have a wonderful day!
and your pup? so super cute!
ps-- pop over to my blog and etw a monogrammed tote -- it's my last day to enter!

Hannah said...

Have a wonderful day back to school! I don't have to go in until next week since school for me doesn't start until September 1st. I have been getting into school mode and done some super cute things for my "jungle" room. I was so excited about posting them on my blog, until dear Bryan reminded me that I should probably not post things with my children's names on them. That's what I have him for! Very well done on the pics today, wish I had that first one in yesterday's post on books. And Millie Muffin is so presh! I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetie!!


*D* said...

summer always goes by too fast doesn't it?! hope you have a wonderful week preparing for the new school year. I still have 2 weeks before we begin back to school meetings here... I know they're gonna fly by. :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Wahoo for back to school... mines next thursday :/

Loving our colorful bags! and your skirt, wahoo

Pink Champagne said...

There's something so refreshing about starting a new year, isn't there? Best of luck to you my dear - the kiddies must LOVE you! And I adore that fashion spread... now that is what I call going back to school in style. ;) XO

I'maNolaGirl said...

I can't wait to hear about your first day back!!! I hope this new year is full of happy surprises!

PS - I don't think I ever looked that dang good going to school! That shoot is awesome!

this free bird said...

Hi Julie!

Tons of love and well wishes on your first day back to school!! You would have been my fave teacher with all those fun supplies and the sassy nails :)


DSS said...

Happy 1st day back :) AND...cheers for high school skirts still fitting!!!

Millie is a muffin for sure. I dare say, Louis would fall in love with her immediately.

On a side note...I want a 3 column blog too! I want to put buttons all down the left side. But I can't figure it out. mrs.mfc just figured it out. I need to make her help me :)

I Do Declare said...

I have a few things that fit from high schol...and they are called earrings - hee!!! I bet you're the most fun teacher - Happy Back to School!

Venassa said...

I love the whole back-to-school feeling. Lately I've been really wanting to go back to school.
Your notepads are the cutest!
And I also love your skirt. That great about still fitting into high school clothes. I'd still fit in mine, but I doubt I would like anything I wore in high school.

Meghan said...

I feel your pain, lady! My first day back is Monday, and I have been in such a frenzy trying to get organized! I wish you the best of luck!!!

Misty Michelle said...

Just found your blog! Love it! Especially your SHOES pictures!!! Good Luck with School preperation!! Best part is the new outfits!

A Real Housewife said...

hope you had a great first day back! can't wait to see how you decorated your office.

ps...millie is precious.

Mimi said...

i hope you had a fab day at work today! :D

<3, Mimi

Anonymous said...

Haha I did a campaign picture exactly like that first one with the huge stack of books when I was running for a campaign last year.

Anonymous said...

Your pup is adorable!!! Love your notepads and white sandals too :)