July 1, 2010

This Week You're My Favorite

Oh, I am loving these weekly crush posts! I have found some more great peeps for you to visit! If you have some blogs you think I'll love please leave them in the comments!


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Bumpkin Lisa is a dear. She gives us the most beautiful fashion posts you've ever seen! Her blog is bursting with yummy eye candy! You must visit her!


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A southern belle (and sweetheart) living in Charleston, SC. She is brand new to the blogging world and I'm certain would love some visits! Hi, lady!


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Dawn lives in Manhattan and has a beautiful blog. 'The Alternative Wife' is dedicated to her inspirations, obsessions and a dash of her experiences.


(Valerie's personal photo)

Not only is Valerie gorgeous, she shares her gorgeousness with her readers! She chronicles her lovely outfits, lifestyle, and all-around fabulousness!

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I love this blog! These two friends do short posts about things that they someday hope to do. It's such a charming blog, you must go see for yourself!


(photo from blog)

A darling lady who is also new to the blogging world. A few of her loves are fashion, art and makeup. Don't we all love that? Go say hello to Gi Gi!
There you have it! Now go on and visit these lovely ladies! I'm certain you will adore them as much as I do!


Now, for a little news. You'll never believe what I did last night. Twitter welcomed its newest tweeter. Yep, BeB is on Twitter. Another way to stalk! Click here to follow!



Lacey in the City said...

I'm excited to check out all of these great blogs! Thanks so much for sharing- I love that you do these posts!

Adding you on twitter momentarily!



Awh thank you sweetheart! You are the best! I didn't realize my day could get any better {I'm officially on vacay} but it did!!! :)

Thank you, love xoxoxo

Oh and I'm heading right over to follow you on twitter :)

Erin said...

Welcome to twitter!

Anonymous said...

all great blogs!

tara said...

just requested to follow you on twitter!!

Marcie said...

We have the same taste! I love RVFB, Bumpkin and the Alt Wife! I can't wait to check out your other recommendations.

xo Marcie

p.s. I am doing a blog next week that is comprised of fellow bloggers' 4th weekend, so email me your fav photo!

Summer Athena said...

nice finds esp someday i will!


V said...

These are great, Im already following a few..... lovely taste.

What Kate Wore said...

These are such great-sounding blogs to visit Miss Belle, I love the way you put this together! I'm off to visit several!

May you have a fab Friday,

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey my lovely, thanks for posting for our Bumpkin, she will love all the extra TLC given the stress she's under! Of course I will check out your other fab finds too, you are the bestest!

Thanks for your darling comment today, yes, your LP dress for a BM choice would be GORGIE! Trust me little lady, when your big day comes, I will pull out all the big guns from when I was in the biz!

Let's chat this weekend when you're free. xo

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Julie, I have fallen in love with you oh so quickly! You are so sweet! I adore you and your blog!
gi gi

Claire Kiefer said...

I love lists of great blogs--I made one the other day and you were on it! Been loving your blog lately. And as for twitter . . . I haven't made the leap, still seems too overwhelming!

JennyMac said...

So many new blogs to check out. Thanks for sharing!

love jenny xoxo said...

I will definitely be checking these out, you have great taste so I'm sure I'll love them!


Valerie said...

AWww, thank you so much Julie! You are the sweetest, I'm blushing. I have a blog crush on you too! I can't wait to check out the other blogs on your list.


Charleston Girl said...

Aww... you are the best! Thank you so much for the 'shout out'. You're no longer my only follower. :)

Have a great holiday weekend!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I love you Julie, you made my day, and I featured Gigi today too!
She rocks! Love that woman!

Anna said...

you are a doll! thanks for the sweet mentions! hooray for new bloggie friends! xoxoxo