June 12, 2010

Summer Bones... A guest post by Lacey

Hey all you Brown Eyed Belle lovers! It's Lacey, from Lacey in Love! I'm taking the reigns for the day for our girl Julie while she soaks up the sun on her summer vacay!
Is anyone else super jealous of her right now? I just came back from vacation & am missing the beach like you wouldn't believe. But I'm jealous for another reason as well... let me fill you in.
Did y'all know that Julie is a school counselor? Do you know what working at a school means?
It means you get a bonafied Summer vacation. As in 2 1/2 months of relaxation!
Remember that feeling? You're 12 years old, the last week of school rolls around & you can almost feel summer in your bones.

Julie gets to feel summer in her bones & I've got to tell you... that makes me giddy for her.
[well... she's taking some classes still, so it's a little less exciting, but ONE DAY she will get the full effect again!]
The only way I can tell it's Summer is by the heat that smacks me across the face when I walk outside[i live in new orleans, y'all... the heat and humidity literally knock you upside the head] & by the sudden influx of obnoxious teenagers at the mall.
Like many of you, I wake up every morning and do the same thing whether it's the middle of December or the beginning of July.
This year, in an effort to feel the Summer in my bones, I'm taking these few steps!
Wear the sunshine:
Even if you're sitting behind a desk, you can make it a sunshiny day by wearing pops of yellow & orange!
Accessorizing for Summer doesn't necessarily mean wearing seashells around your neck. I'm no mermaid! I love nautical & indian inspired pieces for summer!
Pamper yourself beach style:
Coconut body wash takes the place of tanning oil, hair product takes the place of salt water formed beachy waves, coral polish takes the place of a fruity drink in your hand & tan in a can takes the place of the sun on your face!
coconut body wash/hair product/nail polish/tan spray

Ahh, see? Instant happiness!
Here's hoping your bones are feeling the summertime :)

Thanks for letting me play with you over here at Brown Eyed Belle today! If you want to say hello, you can always find me here... or in Julie's comment box :)



Claire Kiefer said...

super jealous of Julie's beach time! I love all your summer pics though, they're good substitutes for being at the actual beach :)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Great picks Lacey! lucky Julie, my bff is a VP in a middle school in SFO and she also has 2 months off, every time she visits I realise what a huge mistake I made I should have been a teacher!! :)

Alee said...

Great ideas for celebrating summer no matter what you have to do. Thanks!

SpitFire said...

I love the John Frieda Frizz-Ease. I was doubtful on whether it would work without making my hair crunchy, but it's great! The other one I recently found that I love (Beware..it smells really fruity) is called Kinky Moves by Not your Mothers. I had a patch of hair that randomly decided to be wavy while the rest was curly, and that stuff helped smooth it back into curly, and my hair feels great.

Janna said...

Love that yellow dress! And I'm about this close to buying some tan in a can! My schedule has been killing me and this is the longest I've gone without getting to the beach! And that nail polish color is gorgeous- kinda like my fav OPI Cajun Shrimp!

Summer Athena said...

darlin lacey. you have some great taste, girly. xo