March 8, 2010

Your Questions Answered (Part 2)

Hello everyone! I'm back for the second installment of Q&A! Thank you so much for your comments on the first video, you guys are a bunch of sweeties!

Millie makes her debut in this video as you will see. I hope she's not too much of a distraction, she was all over the place!

Not to pressure you all, but I would love for more of you all to do videos! I think it's so fun to get to see the face and voice behind the blog! So, just think about pressure :)

Enjoy the second video!



Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

You look beautiful!! And your puppy is such a doll:) Happy Monday

Anonymous said...

You are such a cutie! Love the nails :)

S said...

Gorgeous my dear!! :) Milly is too cute! Love your nail color. I agree Mr. Pine is yum! ;)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Part II was very cute! And I looked up Chris Pine...mmmm...delicious!

These are very cute! I can't wait to try a video blog myself :)

Have a good week, doll!

Annemarie said...

Ok- could you be any cuter?! Loved this! Oh and I love the nail polish! I am SO getting that tomorrow when I am at ULTA. Love! xoxo

The Tuscan Home said...

You are such a the video segments. I do have a question for you: Do you think you would ever consider doing a make-up video segment? I love how you do your make-up and it would be fun to hear what products you like and use, as well as seeing your application technique. Your eye make-up always looks so stunning.



Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy said...

I didn't think anything of your accent! You sound totally normal to me :) And when you started talking about Myrtle Beach, I totally knew what you meant! Summer hasn't officially begun til you make the trip. This was so fun, I loved it!

Summer said...

Awwww, we meet! =) Loved your vlogs love! Makes me want to do more!

So glad I'm all caught up now!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

You haven't lost any of your adorableness in your second video!! Millie just added to the fun. Thanks for doing this, Julie, it's a fabulous idea!!