February 19, 2010

This and That

 {Just because I love birds I have sprinkled them throughout this post :)}

Good evening, everyone! I usually don't blog in the evening, but today was insane! I was so dang busy! Today was the first time I have seen sunshine since, oh, I don't know last July?!! It was close to fifty degrees (I know that's not warm, but after the temperatures we've been having this was down right balmy!)

Today was really devoted to errands. All the errands that hadn't been done because I was snowed in. I got some cards in the mail, my giveaway to the lucky girl who won, bills paid (boo!) and I picked up some Easter decorations!! I told y'all I have spring fever!

Like the title says, this is a random post. You're ok with that, right? Good.

So, my skin has been insanely dry! I was starting to think there was nothing that could help me! Then I found this.....

I love this stuff!! I read about it on another blog and then I was in Target one day and there was a special price on it, and I thought I would give it a try. I fell in love! Do you all have any dry-skin products that you love?

I want to welcome my new followers! Thank you all so much for joining me here. And I want to thank all my readers for sticking around. Your comments and kind words mean so much! Please continue to comment and tell me what you think about my posts :) You brighten my day more than you know!

Now, I have a little favor. My lovely Rasha is having a rough day. Please go give her a little *hug* And please keep praying for Summer B. and her brownies!

Hope you're having a wonderful evening! I'm obviously on Olympic overload! Love you all!

{Photos here and here}


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Ill have to check out the baby oil stuff! Love the birds...

Julie, thanks for the prayers and mention on your blog. I just love you, you're the sweetest! xoxo.

Have a good weekend love.

Brittany said...

I'll have to try that stuff. Does it make you feel greasy?

I swear by aquaphor ointment. I use it on my feet, hands, elbows and knees when I get out of the shower and it keeps everything so hydrated. It's a little pricey but works wonders!

Have a great weekend ♥

Kristen said...

Dry skin... L'Occitane products. LOVE THEM!!
Off to send Rasha some love... and I pray for those brownies every night... and in between too :)

Happy weekened!!

Teresa said...

Okay Julie!
I will have to have the Baby Oil gel!!
Happy Weekend!
It has been SUNNY in Seattle for two days!!!!

meredith said...

oh my gosh, that first picture is too cute!! i love it!

okay, this dry, cold weather then cool, wet, balmy muggy days are wreaking havoc on my skin! i've always wondered about the johnson's baby oil gel, and now you've given me the push to try it out!

i am a lotion freak, so i'm always loving trying new products that my skin doesn't react to. i love the olay shower body wash and the in-shower body lotion. it starts the hydration process in the shower which is great. then when i get out i use olay quench body lotion in that light purple-ish colored bottle and i LOVE it! it's super absorbing and doesn't leave you feeling greasy, just soft and smooth!

have a great weekend, hun!! xoxoxo

S said...

Oh My.. I love the J & J baby oil. Ive used it for years. Love your blog by the way. Have a great weekend.

Juliana said...

Good evening Julie-I hope you have some time for yourself this weekend sweetie. I was already over to sweet Rashas page today. Hope things get better for her oxxoxo Going to add you to fb now!

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

I have crazy dry skin because I hate putting on lotion so much. I can't stand it being on the palms of my hand after I apply, so I usually end up washing my hands trying to get it off.

I have gotten better about putting lotion on my face in the morning, though. At least then only my fingertips get lotion-y.

Jackie said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower on my blog! I love your header-those hummingbirds are so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

I love baby oil gel too! I put it on right after i get out of the shower while i'm still all warm & it seeps right in! love :)

Southern Belle Mama said...

I need that baby oil stat! My skin has been awful dry too...a southern girl's skin isn't made for this cold weather.

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hello Miss Julie! Great tip on the dry skin...I will have to try that out! Thanks for the tips!

I find that sleeping with a humidifer has helped my skin, too!

But does anyone have any tips for my crazy static hair? It's insane!

Happy Blogginf, y'all :)


Anonymous said...

The second picture is too cute! I went to the craft store today and picked up a ton of spring decorations....glad I'm not the only person with spring on the brain!