February 24, 2010

No Negativity: Day 4


If you aren't joining us in the '21 Days to a Better Me' you really should! You wouldn't believe how much better I feel everyday! Summer has now posted a Mr. Linky so we can see who is participating and have a little community of support during the challenge. Such a sweet one, that Summer!

 (Photo here)

Update from yesterday:
I kept a little notebook with me all day and jotted down blessings as they came to mind. Some of them included:
I was able to get up this morning.
I made it to work safely.
Having wonderful coworkers.
My dad giving me great advice.
Hearing children's laughs everyday.

Today is day four....

Day 4:
Often times we can get caught up in negative self talk.
Or in being negative period.
We tend to speak to ourselves more horribly than we would ever imagine speaking to someone we love.
So today, that stops.
With every negative thought that comes into your mind,
first immediately STOP it...
And then, replace that thought with what is TRUE and positive.
Even better, get some index cards and write out the negative thought on one side,
and the truth on the other.
Along with the truth, you could find a bible verse or quote that further encourages you in that area.
Notice what a difference you feel about yourself and about life at the end of the day.
(I'm looking for the silver linings today)
So, today it's all about positivity. I'm going to take the positivity one step further and strive to be positive about everyone around me too. Negativity is contagious and toxic, so I'm hoping that my positivity will be just as contagious today.

If you're still contemplating taking part in this challenge, today should be the day! What better day to start than the day that's devoted to feeling good about yourself?

(Photo here)
By the way, you look fabulous today!



Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I just LOVE that last "unknown" quote! I'm going to jot that down and carry it with me today...THANKS!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wondeful challenge! I'll have to swing by Summer's blog and check it out. Good luck with it.

ABC said...

You, Dear Julie, are enough to brighten anyone's day! Love Love!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh this reminds me of my favorite "get over yourself & smile" songs - it's by Relient K & called "The Lining is Silver" - you can't even help but dancing!!!!! I am heading to get out of my bad mood right now!!!!

Natasha said...

Having a positive attitude is the BEST way to overcome any difficult situation in life... that's what I say at least! I am so impressed with how well you're doing in the 21 day challenge Julie-- such an inspiration!! Kepp it up!

"those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves"

Brittany said...

Hey, you look fabulous too ;-) Being positive just makes you a much better person. I love the last unknown quote too. And the subglasses picture is cute :-)

Have a great day Julie! ♥

Amber said...

Keep these amazing posts coming. I left you some love at my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

very beautiful post. (:


Teresa said...

Well now!
I may just need to pop over and see what this challenge is alllll about!
I've got the JAN/FEB blues!!!
I have always said...Jan/Feb are the months that I don't like my looks!!! Ha!
Used to wish I could just be married 10 months out of the year!
Great Post!
Good for you!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I loved reading this today! Thank you for the inspiration! I, too, love the quote at the end!

Stay Positive, beautiful! :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

What a wonderful challenge that I hope sticks with people for more than 21 days! :)

Annemarie said...

Ok I LOVE this post! Summer's challenge is amazing and I love reading everyone's responses. Hope you are having a great week gorgeous girl! RHOC is tomorrow! Woo! Can't wait for NYC to start next week too! XOXO

Elizabeth Marie said...

How fun...I keep seeing these around. Summer is amazing and your positive thoughts are rubbing off on me!! :)

Summer said...

Aweeee, woman!!!!

You are soooo motivating me. I had a ROUGH day yesterday and had to just keep reminding myself that it's not about perfection....it's about doing my best.

So today the pity party is over and I'm starting afresh!

Love you billions...

And are you going dark today???