February 15, 2010

Awards! Awards!

What better way to start the week off than with some lovely awards!!

Sweet Carey over at Providence gave me this award a while back. Thank you, Carey! I have seen this award floating around a lot in the blog world since I started blogging several months ago, and I was so excited to receive it! I know many of you already have this award, but if you don't please please take it! You deserve it!

I received this next award just a couple days ago from Carolina Girl who writes And Emma Makes Five. If you haven't visited her blog please do! She is one of my favorites! She handed on the Sunshine Award to me :) I think it's fitting that I got this award now, considering I have been wanting some sunshine lately!


The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.

So, I'm passing this award onto these ladies that bring some sunshine into my life everyday with the creativity of their blogs! You're suppose to tag 12 blogs, but I think I may have a few more than that!

Rasha at and this is what she said (y'all know she's one of my favorites)
Kristen at K. Law: Inspired (your baby blog too!)
Summer at B is for Brown (your baby blog too!)
Annemarie at Brunch at Saks
Kora at Dixie Lust (she is one of my new finds, and I adore her!)
Lacey at Lacey in Love
Brooke at oofa luffa le
Sara at Football and Fried Rice (go see her precious little girl!)

I love these ladies like whoa! Their blogs inspire me every time they post! I hope you ladies will snatch this up and pass it on to some of your favorites!

Happy Monday, y'all! I may be back later for another post!



brooke said...

AWWWWW!!!!! thanks lady!!! you're definitely one of my daily must reads and favorite gals at that!!!! thank you thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

Will have to check out some of those lovely blogs you speak of!

Anonymous said...

Congrats girlie! You more than deserve them! Hope your having a great day and that your week is fabulous! xoxo

Unknown said...

Congrats my friend! Well deserved lurve sent your way!

Thank you for sharing too :)

Natasha said...

Julie-- thanks for my awards!!! I feel UBER special today... you make my days better too just by reading all your positive words!!!

Anastasia Schembri said...

Julie, congratulations on your well-deserved awards!!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Kristen said...

Thank you thank you thank!!! I will make sure to repost this soon!!

Thanks again! Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

Happy Monday!!!
Congrats on the awards.

Mrs. Dawkter said...

Hi! I am a fairly new follower, and enjoy your blog. I was wondering who designed you header, button and graphics on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Reading your blog certaintly brings a little sunshine to me day! You indefinitely deserve it!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Congrats on the awards because you definitely deserve it! I love checking your blog each week. it brightens my day!

Morgan said...

Thank you beautiful lady! Much appreciated... and feel the same way about you and your blog. xoxo

Teresa said...

Well now that is JUST what I needed to hear today!
Delighted I you adore popping over to Blooming on Bainbridge...because I certainly do ADORE having you there!
I am honored sweet girl!
Thank you for the kindness...
you have made my day so sweet!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I love you gorgeous, thanks for the award!! You deserve yousrs!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Whoa!!! Thanks, lady! You ALWAYS bring a smile to my face with your charm and wit and sense of humor & transparency! Not to mention your cute dresses & pedicures :) You are adorable!