January 31, 2010

Virginia Represent! Miss VA is Miss America!

Miss Caressa Cameron (Miss Virginia) took the crown last night at the Miss America Pageant! Woo hoo! Virginia represent! Yea, we grow 'em good here in VA!





{Pictures via google}

Isn't she beautiful? You go, girl! Woo hoo!



Blissfully Enamored said...

she had my FAVE evening gown!!! congrats to the new miss america!!

Melissa @ Southern Mommas said...

Love the yellow dress !!! Got to love miss America :)

Suburban Princess said...

Her yellow dress is gorgeous!

One of my southern friends was talking about snow cream too and I had never heard of it! I guess snow in Canada isnt much of a novelty lol!

Laura said...

I thought she was beautiful, but I was partial to Miss Louisiana. She grew up in the same town that my husband did. Congrats, Miss Virginia!

P.S. And anyone that can pull off wearing yellow deserves to win!

meredith said...

congrats, miss virginia!

Unknown said...

i'm so excited to see VA represented. she's actually good friends with my cousin, they went to high school together!

Anonymous said...

I taped it! Totally watching it right now. :)

Anonymous said...

so nice shes so pretty. hahah funni how u sed we grow em gud here.


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