December 23, 2009

"Stressed" is "Desserts" spelled backwards!

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"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."
~Jim Davis

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."

How fabulous are these quotes? I know it's getting a little hectic right now, and I thought this would brighten your day!

I knew that I wanted to share a little recipe with you all today, but I also wanted to do some words of wisdom. And this is what I came up with!

Remember when I told you all about the cookie exchange that my mom and I went to here? Well, one of the ladies that attended the event made these amazing little pretzel treats.

You know that obsession that we all have with salty and sweet treats? These are just that! Absolute perfection and so easy to make!

Since adopting this recipe myself I have named them 'Pretzel Poppers.' Isn't that cute? And very true, to be honest. Cause once you start popping them in your mouth, YOU CAN'T STOP!

Here's the 411:

First you need a bag of mini pretzels, Hershey Hugs, and M&Ms. Set your oven to 350 degrees.

Then you lay the pretzels out on a baking sheet.

Next unwrap the Hugs and place one in the center of each pretzel. Aren't they so cute?!

Then you put them in the oven for about 5 minutes. I'm thinking this will vary depending on the oven. Just keep an eye on them.

Finally, before they have completely melted down, take them out and place an M&M in the center of each Hug. Let them cool on the baking sheet. I put mine in the refrigerator for a little while.

Then I put them out on a plate for everyone to enjoy. These are perfect treats to give to friends and neighbors. Don't they look yummilicious?!

I think these would be the perfect treat to make with kids. They would love it!

I know it's getting super duper hectic right now, but I hope you all will come back tomorrow because I'm having my first guest post!! Kori, the sweetheart who writes Blonde Episodes, is guest posting for me tomorrow, and I can't wait!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Only two days til Christmas!!



Summer Athena said...

omg! i saw these floating around last year and i need them. Do you know what Pretzel Crisps are? They are like pretzel chips - flat and this year for Christmas - they are covered in white choco with peppermint bits sprinkled on top! TO DIE FOR.

Thanks for the compliment on my top. It's a dress actually. Came from a store that I love here in the city. lol.


Anonymous said...

these look delicious. (:
im so gonna try it. thanks for the recipe hun.have a sweet day.


Southern Belle Mama said...

Yummy! If you like these, then you should try making them with a Rolo on top and then press a pecan or cashew into the top after the oven part. I made them to give as treats, but I think I ate as many as I gave away!! I can't wait to try the Hugs/M&M version!

Unknown said...

These look so yummy! I love the combination of sweet and salty too!

bananas. said...

those quotes are so cute! i'm not into desserts as much as most but i will never, and i say that with conviction, ever turn down a homemade chocolate chip cookie. mmmm....

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Those are amazing. I am going to have to make those!! thanks love.

Kori said...

This looks amazing Julie! I can't wait to make these! Hope you are having a great day friend. Kori xoxo

Beth Dunn said...

YOU! Are adorable. xoxo


carolinagirl said...

these look wonderful. i know two boys who would love to make these!

Winchester Manor said...

Hello Gorgeous Lady!

Thanks for the wonderful quotes and the fabulous recipe!

I am that our paths crossed, wishing you and your family a joyous and Merry Christmas!


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, Julie - yum!! I love to make these for every season - with the seasons m & ms! They would also look great in little cello bags with a cute tag/ribbon to gift to friends/neighbors!!

I am doing my blog award/post from way back when today!!

Merry Christmas!


p.s. Mariah rocks :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, I just made something very similar. you can check it out here...
I think I will try yours next time!
Merry Christmas SITSta

TornadoTwos said...

This is a perfect treat for me to make with my kids! Even my 2 year old can get involved with this one. Your post title caught my eye, so I had to come over and check it out. Visiting from SITS!

Lisa said...

Those look so tasty! Thanks for sharing :-)


julie- popping in from SITS. my friend made these last night! so delish!


emily said...

these are sooo adorable!! cant wait to make them for friends and family!