December 4, 2009

Holiday tables, anyone?

It's Friday!!! Yay! I'm sure everyone else is just as excited as I am! This is the last weekend of class for me for the semester! And I don't start back until the end of January!!! That is enough good news to dance a jig :)

I'm really excited about this weekend! Lots of fun plans! Tomorrow evening I'm going to dinner and the theatre with one of the teachers from my school. She has become my 'mom' away from home and I adore her! A local theatre is doing a production of Rent and this is opening weekend, so we are all over that tomorrow! And then Sunday we are taking my little cousin (who is more like my little sister) to the Barter Theatre to see Frosty. So my weekend is just full of theatre, which I like!

Seeing as I am in full Christmas spirit I thought I would post some beautiful Christmas tablescapes to give you guys a weekend pick-me-up and a little inspiration!


{All photos courtesy of google}

Now, did those put a smile on your face, or what?! I love the pink one at the top and the second one from the bottom, those are my favorites!

Which one is your favorite?

Also, GingerSnap over at GingerSnap's Daily Fashion Post is doing an ornament of the day series! How fun is that? So, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, and I hope you all follow me! Here is my first ornament:

This cute little fishy is hanging on my 'fun' tree in my office. He has a twin hanging on the other side of the tree. 

Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!




Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

These tables are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite is the next to last, divine! And how cute is this fishy ornament, I love it!!!

Have a fab weekend missy!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I am so enamored with the pink. So deliciously feminine. And I love your fishy ornament!

Suburban Princess said...

I love the pink one!
You should try googling 'tablescapes' and see some of the stunning tables people put together!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I love the red and purple

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I look forward to following yours. :)

Miss Janice said...

Love all these, especially #'s 1 & 2!

debra@dustjacket said...

The tables are wonderful, hmmm my favorite is the forth last one.

I just loved your sweet as fish, he is just so cute.

I really love your snowdrops on the page too.

Fab weekend honey,