November 29, 2009

Deck the halls...fa la la la la

Ok, how long has it been since I posted? Um......too long! This past week was so busy with family, Thankgiving, decorating and shopping. I will go ahead and confess that our shopping outing on Friday didn't yield a single Christmas gift for anyone....but ourselves...and I am not one bit embarrassed! That's how it always seems to go on our first trip out. I know my mom picked me up a few things when I wasn't looking, but other than that no one else got a dang thing! I hope you all had a very successful black Friday if you decided to venture out into the madness:)

I got off from work on Tuesday and had the rest of the week off. So, on Tuesday night I started decking out the townhouse for Christmas. I don't think I can explain to y'all how excited I am to have my first big-girl Christmas! Below are some pictures that I took this evening when I got back from my parents' house. Hope you enjoy!

The fireplace

Close-up of the mantle, I am SO proud of this!

I have holiday ribbon tied on all my lamps 

My fabulous 12 ft Christmas tree! This picture does not do it justice! It still needs a few more ornaments, but, hey, it takes a lot to fill a tree that big!

I got these big snowflake ornaments at the Dollar Tree for, yes, you guessed it, $1!

I bought a pack of six ornaments at Wal-Mart (in this pretty green and red). Then I tied these bows and hot glued them on the top to add a little 'fancy.'

Tree topper

Pretty Christmas table setting. Simple but beautiful.

This is one of the first Christmas decorations that I purchased. I found this beautiful Norman Rockwell canvas at Tuesday Morning.

Little Christmas tree on my kitchen counter

I got this adorable garland at Home Goods for 8 bucks! The miniature clothes pins are to hang up your Christmas cards!

The tree in my office. Isn't this so fun? I decided to do bright ornaments on this tree. There are candies, fish, lollipops, funky-colored Christmas balls, and green glittered leaves as the tree topper!

Frosty greets you as you come in the door

Target for $10. This is hanging on the back of the front door

The front door, I am obsessed with cranberries, if you can't tell!

A shot of the front of my townhouse. I have one of those light-up snowmen down the hill at my mailbox, too!

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed the mini-tour of my home all decked out for the holidays. There are few other decorations that I didn't include in the post- there is too much!! I can't wait to see pictures of your homes decorated for Christmas, too!  

Also, I got my hair chopped this weekend! It's the shortest it's ever been (well, besides when I was five and had a bob)! Don't fret, loves, it's not that short! I will post pictures this week =)

Happy Sunday, everyone!



Anonymous said...

LOVE norman rockwell paintings. your house is so cute and all ready for christmas!

Suburban Princess said...

Everything looks great! I love your mantle!

Tara Gibson said...

love it all! that canvas is fab too!

Anonymous said...

your decorations are adorable and so festive! i esp love the mantle and the table. so pretty.

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I love all of your Christmas decorations! Where did you get the light up presents on the fireplace? I have been looking for some like that but the only ones I found (@ the Holiday Market) were $60 and up. I love your tree topper! Very cute!

The Tuscan Home said...

Wow, you've been busy! =) Your trees are so pretty and I love your mantle decor. Love everything you've done. Wanna come help me finish my house? LOL! Thanks for sharing. Where did you find the big Nutcracker and packages by the fireplace? adorable!


Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Wow! Your trees look beautiful! I am totally going to steal the clothespin idea-I have been searching for a way to hang up cards (with our limited space)

mrs.mfc said...

Looks fantastic!! I especially love the mantle, small white tree, and the tree in your office!!!! Lovely!!!

ABC said...

I love the way the HOHOHO sign looks on the mantle! I can't wait to hang my mitten card holder, too!

Julie Leah said...

Y'all are just too sweet! Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Happy Holidays!

Slices of Beauty... said...

All gorgeous!
Enjoy the shopping.

debra@dustjacket said...

I just LOVED your Christmas decorations. The tiny counter tree is sooo cute. As is your snowman. Well Done!

Miss Janice said...

I love all your decos! One of our trees are similar!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

All your decorations are just gorgeous. Fabulous job lady!

Moore Minutes said...

I just found your blog...what a treat! You did an incredible job with your decor...there is so many things I LOVE! I think my favorite is your mantel and the little white tree with red and white ornaments. :)

Unknown said...

Love the decor, especially your 12 foot tree! That is TDF!

Jen said...

LOVE your holiday decor wow! Just found your blog, it's adorable! You have a new follower :)